Allergies and Honey

Many people who moved to Sonoma County have found that our plentiful supply of local honey is a very helpful natural remedy for allergies.

Last week, while showing property, we stopped by the local Honey stall at 1295 Bloomfield Road in Sebastopol. There is no one there so you just pick what you like and put the money you owe for it in a box. You will also find them at the farmers market in Sebastopol on Sundays.

Here is their website.

They also maintain a blog about bees and beekeeping. Should you like to become a beekeeper yourself when you move here, they are happy to get you started. Let me know what your interests are -it might be beekeeping-  so we can keep that in mind when we go house hunting;)


About Mirjam de Rijk

Growing up in the Netherlands, it was never a dream to even go on vacation in the USA. However we ended up moving from Eindhoven(Netherlands) to CA in 1997 and I truly love living in Sonoma County/CA. It is a great place to live. Real Estate is a part of my life, it's great to be able to help people during a transition in their life. It can be challenging at times, there is never a dull moment and always ongoing education as to the changes in the Real Estate industry. But that makes it interesting. The variety of Sonoma County as well as the different types of properties/locations make Sonoma County truly a fun place to live and to work.
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